Tower of Memory Power Gift Boxes

August 5, 2017

Tower of Memory Power Gift Boxes

OK, it is raining and I’m putting off fixing some pants. My weather and procrastination = your gain.

This was my present for daughter this year. Inside each box wasn’t much of anything. Thankfully, she likes boxes.

Covered paper mache’ boxes from the local craft store with photo copies of old relative pix. Added some Washi, Cricut elements, overlays, and a few stamped images. This is a place you could add Complements galore, too. Stuck everything on with Mod Podge.

Found a darling little Golden Book (one of the old kind with thick pages) on the giveaway table at the library (yeah, Library District #2 of La Cygne, KS) and made a box with a few pages, too. Yeah, it hurt a little to cut it up.

Tied them together and it was done.

Hope you are having a wonderfully FUNN day! My next post will be FUNNday MUNNday – I have some more bears! #BEARweek is turning into #BEARlife!



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