Scrapbook Every Day Because Every Day Changes * Crank Phones to Cell Phones

Evolution of mobile phones.
I saw this pin from the I Waste So Much Time blog.
I have often thought about doing a layout about phones 
because they are so much a part of my daily life!
This image may be just what I need!
And so here I go with some stream of consciousness things about phones for the layout…
  • My Papa was a Bell Telephone man – insulators, climbing poles, get stories from Aunt Clara
  • Aunt Clara worked for “Ma Bell”, too. Who was “Ma Bell”?
  • There is some family story about my Mom having the first phone in Roxbury, KS – it was a “crank phone”. 
  • The old crank phones had rings specific to a household, anyone could listen to the conversations, & there were “operators” – one ringy dingy….
  • My husband used to recite old phone numbers to put me to sleep! hahaha – never was good in math class. I apparently have “numerosomnia” (I love making up words, though).
  • I had a pink flip phone.
  • I survived being a teenager without a cell phone
  • I played in an old telephone booth as a kid. You could bake a kid in there in August. I figured out how to survive without a label on it saying, 
  • “Do Not Put a Kid in Here in August. Kid could bake.”
  • People in small rural communities still give their last four digits as their phone numbers “-5555” (not kidding)
  • I have no idea what my kids’ phone numbers are.
  • Getting a phone other than black was extra, rotary dials, touch tone, Princess phones
Photos are so EASY to get now – another layout opportunity!
What I might like to add for photo support:
the image above
family members on the phone ( I have a cute one of my kids – including tin can phones)
my Papa and my Aunt Clara
My Mom – Miss I LOVE My Phone 2015
my old phone booth play house
Crank phones – “old time days” really weren’t that long ago!
How To Use Your Phone Today for Tomorrow’s Scrapbook
  • Camera
  • Take LOTS of photos
  • Upload LOTS of photos
  • PRINT the photos you want 
  • Record a note to yourself WHEN you take the photo. You can include
  • Quotes *kids say the darn-dest things*, Who, What, Where, When, Why, interviews of the participants, songs that came to mind, FUNNy moments, best/worst, etc.
What do you think?
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