This October is a FUNN Month to Order!

October 23, 2013

This October is a FUNN Month to Order!

When you order $50 this month from me, 
you get a FUNN card kit as a thank you gift!
You’ll be ready to decorate (or leave as is) 4 easy cute cards.
You get 2 “HO HO HO” cards and 2 Christmas tree cards.
Perfect to brighten someone’s day!
Who do you have in mind for your cards of well wishes?
 FUNN Card Kits include all the above items.
(4 card bases, B&T paper, stamped images, cut shapes, mini sparkles, and Silver ribbon)

Or here are some simple ways to doll them up a little!
Here I added a little Cranberry Alcohol marker stripes, Prisma Glitter, Pear ink edging, and 3 Gems.
On the tree card, I added a little Red Glitter Glitz Gel and Silver Marker – that’s all!
FUNN TIPP: Let your kids have some FUNN!

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