Must Have March “T” is for TOOLS step

March 20, 2013

Must Have March “T” is for TOOLS step

Yes, the SUPER GLUE GUYS know ALL about adhesive! Why, you could say it is their very nature!
After all, they have the “guts” to talk about it, too!
Using the right adhesive tool is a must in March and every month.
Close To My Heart has excellent adhesives to offer and one not so obvious product which is a jim dandy adhesive. 
BONDING MEMORIES GLUE and BONDING MEMORIES GLUE PEN– disguised as Clark Kent  and his faithful side kick these mild mannered glues are truly a double-header super power.
Tipps – store upright, pump to activate, goes on blue and dries clear, great for paper on paper.
            This is a favorite of mine to add along the bottom edges scrapbook paper – keeps from snagging                
            on page protectors.
Glue Dots – lovingly called “snot dots”. If you have ever had one on your finger, you’ll understand. I would guess this would be a great prank product for tricking little boys. I prefer the little dots.
Perfect to add ribbons, fabric (new CTMH product – FUNN), getting Baker’s Twine to stay in the perfect spot, and anything that needs a little extra help staying still. 
One thing – I don’t think this is strong enough to keep little boys in their seats.
3-D Foam Tape – everyone needs to stick out of the crowd now and again! This is the perfect product to help a focal point be a focal point! Kinda like making a pretty element or wonderful sentiment walk  on the red carpet before the Oscars. It is a way to get Joan Rivers to notice what you want noticed.
Liquid Glass – seriously a SUPER POWER product and everyone should have this for crafting and for household emergencies! Perfect for non-paper adherence such as fabric, fake fingernails, velcro, Zipper Lace, and Color-Ready wood elements. Can be used for hefty papers, too, like Glitter paper. Use on anything that just wants to pop off or needs to stick for the long haul in mini books.
One thing – this may be strong enough to keep little boys in their seats, but it might be hard on the seat.

Then, of course, there is my ATG gun which serves as a hiding spot for the Super Glue Guys.

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Rachel Rusticus

What a super cute & FUNN blog you have! So glad to find you from the CTMH facebook page:)

Fellow CTMH consultant blogging at http://www.creativelyredeemingher.blogspot.com.

See you there!