Love Your Layout: May 2011

May 6, 2011

Love Your Layout: May 2011

I love love love Studio J! and if you are not yet a consultant – you can choose a Studio J 12- month Membership as one of your 3 kit gifts each new Consultant gets (choose from 5 different wonderful selections)!

Plus in May the kit is only 1/2 price – no kidding! You can launch your own business for only $64.50!
Wait – a 12-month Membership is way more than that! I know! And you get 2 other sets of goodies, too!

Plus in May new Consultants get the You and Me Scrapbooking Kit free, too!  Hey that kit is $34.+ some change – man – this is new consultant kit is HUGE!

You got that right, sweetheart!
Skip over to http://marygunnfunn.myctmh.com/  and sign up!
Call me with questions or surprise me and I’ll call you with questions!
Either way, we’re bound to have FUNN!

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