FUNN TIPS from June 2009

July 2, 2009

FUNN TIPS from June 2009

Simple and true… When taking a My Acrylix set out of the envie, pull it out so the actual stamps are facing up, so if something gets a little wild in the envie (beware especially of jungle animal stamps!!!) they won’t fall on the floor and be eaten by the dog.

Need some scallops and don’t have potatoes or a corner rounder? Try this – it is one of my favorite tips….
Stamp a circle on the back along the edge of your paper piece so the circle edges touch like a chain of paper dolls and then trim one side to scallop your day away.
To change it up – try cutting square scallops – would that be a “SQUALLOP”? Yes, I believe it should be thus.

FUNN circle trees are growing this summer on my cards! Yes, it is true. Try something I saw on a noble blogger’s site. Coluzzle a circle from a post-it. Put said post-it (the donut part, not the donut hole part – Hi Stamers) on your cardstock and fill it with leaves, circles, flowers or buttons – super cute with the Button Up My Acrylix. Draw a straight line for a trunk or add a strip of cocoa cardstock for the trunk. I like to “tie a yellow ribbon” or some color around the tree, too.
Try it – you’ll love it!

Today’s Deal-A-Day item is a darling little 3×3 book. These are PERFECT to keep the little wallet sized photos of you or your kid’s school pictures. I made a book of my elementary and jr. high photos and it is great. If you want a laugh – ask me to show you sometime! Some of my hair “styles” are really inspiring!

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