My House & Heart are Full of Memories

Something BIG happened in July – I moved from the lake to the city!
I know most people would want to do the opposite, but not me! 
We decided to be closer to the family, and have had several “stop-bys” the kids which never happened in the country. So, I’m discovering “lost” treasures, and realizing just how much my new house is filled with old memories of family who have gone on or have “passed up” as my Mom said.

My sewing machine from my Mother-in-law. She had a closet converted into her sewing closet and now, I am doing that, too. She would be horrified that I am using that old table from her Duplicate Bridge days.
A bound collection of my Father-in-law’s investment letters. I can see him walking in the backyard in deep reflection, I assume in thought about these letters.

A bag of crocheted collars made by my “Bamba”. I can’t imagine wearing them, nor can imagine discarding them.
Books written about my family whose history is rich with love and spirit; whose history is mine.

A duck decoy of my “Papa’s”. He loved spending time fishing, being outside, and working expertly with his hands. I wonder what his thoughts were.
My “Nana’s” little tan leather suitcase, now filled with family photos, each photo filled with a moment from a life.

IKEA bookcase

Books remind me of the endless and dearest hours reading out loud to my children. Listening to their thoughts and knowing their minds have grown from characters named Mr. Bowditch, Huck, and Sister and Brother Bear.

Drawings, ceramics, paintings, and a pillow with hand prints which are my children’s masterpieces.

My darling Dad’s chair big.
My precious Mom’s chair, also called her “command center.” This is not her command center. For a thoughtful piece on Mom’s chair, click here.

There is very little that is new; new has never had too much appeal to me.
There is very little without a memory; memories have always appealed to me.

Oh, and there are scrapbooks – LOTS of them!
My first book was made before I was 10, so, yeah, there are a couple.

I bet you didn’t come to read a blog post; I bet you came expecting cards, scrap booking ideas, and information on Close To My Heart. Well, that will keep for another day.
Today, you get a glimpse into what makes me tick.

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Right now, though, I have boxes to open, memories to stroll through, love to send my family I no longer get to hug.


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