It’s BEARWeek – last BEARWeek Post! Macaroons and American Gothic, of course!

It’s BEARWeek on marygunnFUNN!

There are certainly some BEAR creations I did not anticipate a mere seven days ago!
I hope you are not traumatized by some of the BEARS who have wandered from their caves.

Today, I have a couple of pieces for you.

In the macaroon section of our post, we find macaroon bears!
I have never eaten a macaroon, but I love the way they look. Personally, I am happy with an Oreo.

Image result for macaroons

But aren’t Macaroon Bears and macaroon cookies just the cutest?

While I have another bear idea (or two) for later this month, I’m done with the once a day thing for awhile, except for tomorrow, I already have a post ready. Man, so much for knowing what I’m going to do!

This is the last #BEARWeek post for now.

Yes, it is A-BEAR-i-can Gothic.

You know, once upon a time I showed a girlfriend the insides of my closets. I have been stripped of my pride ever since.
So, Grant Wood, American Gothic has inspired many a piece, but this may be the first stamped bear piece!

How many FUNN friends have one of these already?

Speaking of “Olden Days”, here is another little deal for your Sunday night enjoyment.

I hope you have had as much FUNN during #BEARWeek as I have!

You have 13 from which to choose.
Leave a comment below, on my Instagram, or on FB. We are ready to hear from you!



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