Happy Friday Evening! Ready for some FUNN, CTMH Consultants and FUNN friends?

Have two FUNN things for you today!

Those of us who have used Close To My Heart for some time speak of colors in CTMH terms. You know what I mean, when I say a dark red, you say, “Cranberry!”

Several weeks ago I shared a project using the card stock CTMH color wheels repurposing idea for CTMH Consultants. It has been well received – so glad to share some Consultant FUNN friend love.

So here you go, another way to “colorwheelrepurposed”.


Perfect for little photos from Convention, team meetings, club members, or great for inspirational quotes. With all these colors, it is very eye catching for your studio! I left the names of the colors on for the memory value and it may help you in Part Deux of this post.

Punched out some of the extra cards for some variety.

Admittedly, this is silly, but it is FUNN, isn’t it?



Name the Close To My Heart Color!
All 25 prompts can be answered with a current or past CTMH color.
Have FUNN!

  1. This goes with parmesan.
  2. Pop! We use this to toast the bride and groom (and it isn’t a weasel)!
  3. This weed was used by the Scots to protect Scotland from southern invasion.
  4. I drink one fixed by Mr. Gunn FUNN nearly every morning.
  5. This grows in bogs.
  6. These fly around and leave sparkly dust.
  7. Used in a refreshing summer drink.
  8. A common reason to go west, young man, in the 1800’s.
  9. Mel Brooks’, not Brooke Shields, famous comedy had one which was on fire, but usually they go on a horse’s back.
  10. Name of a city in Oz.
  11. Kind of plant which made Dorothy and crew sleepy just before the Wizard’s castle.
  12. Dorothy had a pair of slippers made of this.  (please remember I am a Kansas girl when you answer questions 10, 11, and 12)
  13. Some might argue this is the tastiest color, but my dog loves to eat all of the card stock colors.
  14. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her “sums” on one of these in school.
  15. Pieces can be found along the beach.
  16. These are found on flowers at this time of year.
  17. Can be seen on an Alaskan cruise. Brrrr!
  18. Could be a name for a limpid pond, but sounds like a powdered diet drink.
  19. Brooke Shields, not Mel Brooks starred in this movie titled “The Blue _________________”.
  20. This tree sounds like it is always sad and crying. It is a _____________  ______________.
  21. It is the best way to cleanse your palate between courses during a meal.
  22. Although they may be caged, this bird friend sings like none other!
  23. You may remember her as the little girl in “Charlotte’s Web” or a specific gully.
  24. These golden threads make rice incredibly delicious rice.
  25. To speak softly is to ____________.

How did you do?

20 – 25 correct means you are a total Close To My Heart nerd and we could talk for hours.
15 – 19 correct means you may need to seek counseling from your consultant or upline. Several hours of using the color wheel cards as flash cards will get you up to speed quickly!
10 – 14 correct means you are already looking at your new CTMH Idea Book and that is legit. Carry on.
0 – 9  correct means you may be a consultant from another company. Welcome to us!

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Have you made anything with your old CTMH card stock color wheels? Be sure to add the hashtag #colorwheelrepurposed so we can hunt you down!




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