Giving & Merry Christmas

I saw a post on FB (good ol’ FB) about a group of folks (about 17) who go to a restaurant for breakfast and each pay with $100.00 bill.
The light bulb immediately went off.
This quote is from her FB post.

” 🎅🏻🎁💰Shock ‘n Claus 2019💰🎁🎅🏻
We were 30 strong today at our local Village Inn. Our servers were twins who have both worked at VI for eight years! Enjoyed our meal, our conversations and camaraderie. The tip for EACH of our servers was $1350. All parties left with a smile on their face and a warm heart♥️ Be Kind and Do Good. “
The light bulb immediately went off.

Being the cheap sake I am, I couldn’t quite go to $100.00, but I could rally around a $50.00 bill with some friends.
SO, the invite went out to my crafty FUNN friends, and I got an incredible response!

Wednesday night was our inaugural “Espinaca 50” Event. Espinaca is a ridiculously delish white cheese dip served at a local Mexican Food restaurant. The “50” was from the way we were going to pay.

Here are the dolls than came out on a very cold night to bless our server. We had such FUNN, too! They didn’t even mind that I slapped them with being on the Espinaca 50 Board! Now that is celebrating the season. It turned out that one of these sweetheart’s husband decided to “sweeten the pot,” as he said, and paid for our meal leaving all those $50.00 bills untouched for a tip. Bless you.

Because I am goofy, I brought my Spoon-a-phone for an on-the-scene report. The video is hard to hear – it was just such raw footage – action reporter, you know.

Here is our first benefactor. He was a great server and was working extremely hard.
The question came up, what if we have a crumby server? My take is, they get it anyway. When I tutored reading the kids could get 2 things at the end of a session. They could earn a sticker which would get them game time after 10 stickers, and they would get an animal cookie because it was the kind thing to do. So, if the service is lousy, there may be a reason a few extra shekels might help.

We renamed our “secret society” to The Mystic Order of the Espinaca 50 Secret Society of Great Benevolence; I just added the “of Great Benevolence”. With that kind of name, we will never have t-shirts, pens, or even membership cards, but we’ll smile when we try to remember it all!
If you haven’t read A Redbird Christmas” by Fannie Flagg, you may miss some of our title reference.

Our next item of business was to decide if we wanted to do this again (unanimous yes) and when. It was quickly decided that 6 months was too darn long, and the end of March was voted as the next Espinaca 50 Event.

We also decided that we did not have to go to a Mexican food restaurant, but the next location has not been named.

My father-in-law was a brilliant, kind, generous man. One time he was telling me about a very wealthy man he knew who never enjoyed his wealth. The reason?
He never gave it away.

Give away your gifts. If it is in the form of a $50., give that. If it is in the form of a kind word, give that. If it is in the form of encouraging a child, give that.
Merry Christmas is all about when God gave us His best, and gave us Jesus.


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