Adult Coloring Book Page, Sticky Boy and Boy and Boy and Girl!

Sticky Boy & Sticky Girl Adult Coloring Page


Anybody waiting for the NEW Close To My Heart Idea Books?

Anybody want a little Sticky Boy and Sticky Girl FUNN?

Thanks to Jeannie Burch’s kindness and generosity, I have a Sticky Girl and I felt a little playful. So, I created a Sticky Boy (boy, boy, boy, boy) and Sticky Girl Adult Coloring Page.


Then  take a photo and post it on my marygunnFUNN fb page!

We would love to see what you create and oh, by the way, kids, just how many Sticky Boys are there on this?

I thought I knew how to make a download – will have to ask my webmaster. I’ll notify you when it is ready for a download!¬†

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