7th annual national marygunnFUNN day * won’t you please join us?



Making a list, checking it twice, thrice, quadrice, quintice, and more
so you will have an incredibly FUNN time
on this the 7th annual national marygunnFUNN day and
we can raise buckets of money for Operation Smile.

What is Up My Usually Inky Sleeve?
A lot, really, is jammed up there just waiting to jump out and yell,

Bring a Friend or six!
RSVP ASAP to reserve your spot!

And…it isn’t espresso, it is a latte, I think.

Don’t want to craft with us?
Come and snack and sip with us!
As long as you make a generous donation to Operation Smile, you are welcome!

Want to craft with us, but can’t?
You can still be a part of the FUNN.
Make a generous donation to Operation Smile online this month
and you will be entered to
WINN a prize – by the way – did you happen to see my mini album last week?



Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday!


So I just had to use a snowman / lady stamp with the January Stamp of the Month this week!


I love, love, love this sentiment.
Repetition facilitates learning
(learned that from my Childhood Development class in college),
so it stands to reason someone will believe they are loved
with more repetition of a term or word, right?


Have a FUNN rest of SUNNday and Happy FUNN MUNNday!
It is the first work MUNNday of the year for many of us.
SMILE, you got to skip one of the MUNNdays!



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Thank you.

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