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Use It Thursday; Here, Kitty, Kitty 1″ strips; My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part 3

Use It Thursday! Another 1″ strip scrap idea Today another one-inch strip scrap idea (and it is PURR-fect) Boxing Week Special Part Three of My Very Analog Notebook Planner FIRST – a PURRfect use for one-inch strip scraps In 2016 I made a hand-drawn HBD card for a cat lover’s 70th birthday. Yes, I drew […]

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Ready for Dissection Class – FUNN?

School has started! Are you ready for DISSECTION CLASS? Let’s get started! Will we dissect Leia Frog? Surely we won’t dissect Princess Leia! Will we dissect this bright baby frog? I could never dissect this guy, he’d see me coming! NEVER EVER! NEVER EVER! NEVER EVER! I’m talking about dissecting a card, silly! Because it is Use […]

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