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To camp or not to camp – what kind of question is that? Of course to camp is the answer, but more precisely the question could be….is your idea of camping the same as mine? And before someone starts talking tents and trail mix, let’s get real… Does your camping answer involve tents, campfires and […]

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Hi Leah! This one is for you! When you come home beware of Sassypants – she hauled off and bit my nose the other night! All the best to you on finals, sweetie, Mom Share this page

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OOMPA! I got to spend Mother’s Day with 22 Oompas and 70 other cast members! Sometimes I felt like Old Mother Hubbard who had so many children she didn’t know what to do, but only briefly. To all mommies I love and admire – OOMPA! Share this page

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AC SISTAHS Here we are. The area coordinators of CYT KC. I find great strength, order, and love in these 2 gals. It is my sincere honor to be one of these women. Share this page

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New, Fresh, Cute and totally FUNN! Samples and ideas from the NEW Summer Close To My Heart Idea Book. Come over and be inspired!Please call before popping in. Share this page

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Sneaking into Summer

I’m looking forward to sharing the new Summer Idea Book with my FUNN CLUBBERS this next Wednesday – we’re going to make a scrapbook in a purse, too! FUNN! Thursday my Summer Idea Book FUNN Open House will be open to my non-clubbing friends. There is a cute project or two for you, tooooo! Please […]

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Gotta LOVE Ray Stevens for good clean (well, almost) FUNN! Mississippi Squirrel Revival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgFjLB4VYSU&feature=related Share this page

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