Hello Pumpkin – Hello FUNN!

October 11, 2018

Hello Pumpkin – Hello FUNN!

It is that time of the year – pumpkins, cool weather, sweaters, and cute colors like the colors in Hello Pumpkin Workshops Your Way!

I showed an early peek at my new Pajama FUNN Party (my can-do scrapbooking system designed for busy career women) on Tuesday. The “official” Hello Pumpkin PJ FUNN Party post will be on my FUNNday MUNNday post.

Here are some cards I made and showed on my LIVE from my MESK! Tuesday night (scroll down to see the video).

Don’t you love these colors – so FUNN.

If you missed last month’s Stamp of the Month, I’m sorry.
This sure made up cute, don’t you think?
I am a big fann of batts because they eat bugs.
This card has a secret inside that I showed on Tuesday’s MESK! show (see below).

You can see a peek at the Hello Pumpkin Pajama FUNN Party layouts on the video, too.

And now, the onset of the 2018 FUNN MUGG-a-thon!
Exhibit one.

See you Saturday morning for more FUNN at my MESK!
9:30 a.m. central on my FB page.

Hope you are having a FUNN week!



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