#UseItThursday and Make Waves

March 22, 2018

#UseItThursday and Make Waves

Welcome to #UseItThursday!

Going to make some waves today with some 1993 memories!

Here are a few things I want to share about scrapbooking and photography.
These memories were already in photo albums! Photo albums with acid-filled pages.
Boy, do they ever look better now!

These photos were taken before digital. We HOPED the photos weren’t blurred, including heads, and all eyes were opened.
We couldn’t check back to see if we had the photo. It took some effort!
Remember those days?
My memories deserve a nice background.


The digital age helps with photos, but without scrapbooking, memories will still blur over time.
My little beautiful mermaids probably don’t remember these moments nearly as well as I do.
These are the photos of the prettiest mermaids I know.

Don’t get caught with your eyes closed. Scrapbook.

Let’s make a plan. Join the FUNN. #UseItThursday over and out.



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