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January – June 2017 in Review. Thanks, FUNN friends!

Dear FUNN friends,  Thank you for another enjoyable year of card making and scrapbooking. I would have quit years ago if it wasn’t for you. Shall we play again in 2018? Sure, let’s! But first, let’s take a gander at what FUNN we had in 2017! 01-2017 We had a beautiful Stamp of the Month, […]

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Use It Thursday; Here, Kitty, Kitty 1″ strips; My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part 3

Use It Thursday! Another 1″ strip scrap idea Today another one-inch strip scrap idea (and it is PURR-fect) Boxing Week Special Part Three of My Very Analog Notebook Planner FIRST – a PURRfect use for one-inch strip scraps In 2016 I made a hand-drawn HBD card for a cat lover’s 70th birthday. Yes, I drew […]

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FUNNday MUNNday! Tags and Bags with One-inch Strip Scraps

Happy FUNNday MUNNday! Let’s get to it, for Pete’s sake! FUNN TODAY IS ALL ABOUT TAGS AND BAGS! WE HAVE TAGS! These tags all feature my one-inch White Daisy strip scraps. Don’t forget Operation Smile for a year-end donation! Or you can donate $7.00 when you purchase this darling stamp set! WE HAVE BAGS, TOO! […]

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FUNNday MUNNday – My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part 2 & Have a Blue (& Green) Christmas!

Happy FUNNday MUNNday! I have some FUNN one-inch strip scrap ideas for you (click here for the original post about one-inch strip scrap ideas). There is also My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part Two installation! Scroll down to see. But first, see why having a blue (and green) Christmas is not all bad and can […]

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