Shark Week FUNN with Mary Gunn – Seaside Pajama FUNN Party Shark!

This drawing of a shark on a beach in California is going in my scrapbook.
Some of the best parts of vacation is seeing NEW things and seeing a shark (a very lovely shark rendition) on a California beach rock was just the ticket.
Take a look around your yard, town, city, and look for snap shots of life that are
unique to you. 
When I look at my bird feeder, I try to remember a blue jay (for all his grumpy tendencies) is a magnificently marked animal! If I saw him on vacation, I would want to remember him when I got home.
What is something you take for granted?
Have you ever scrapbooked a layout about what is uniquely yours?
Life is FULL of FUNN moments.
Watch for them and be sure to save them to be enjoyed later, because it all passes.
Hope you are enjoying Shark Week FUNN – I have a how-to video for you tomorrow!

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