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H2H Nautical (Cool) Challenge

Wanted to share some FUNN tipps which I used during the evolution of this card. When I was deciding if the “Welcome Aboard” would fit on the mat, I stamped the letters on scrap copy paper, cut them out, and worked with ideas. So much easier than stamping on the final piece only to find […]

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FUNN-ercise Friday: Simple Tag Outstanding Results

It’s been a busy month, week, day, hasn’t it? Are you as ready as I am to kick back a little and get inky? Introducing….FUNN-ercise Friday! TO WATCH THE HOW-TO FUNN-ercise VIDEO, CLICK FUNN-ercise with Mary    Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream To help kick start your creative muse, here are 4 cards made from […]

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June’s Balloon Ride Pajama FUNN Party

Like what you see? Want to make them with me? It is fine if you are near or far, Farther than you can drive in your car! Because when you have the internet, you’ll see, All you will need will be in your email for free! Order the following Shopping List from my website FUNN.ctmh.com […]

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My Mom Loves Kitties and Me

Yes, this was made with a Close To My Heart Pennant Frame. Values I learned from my Mommy Lois McBeth hands are for holding home is the best place on earth if you feed them, they will come ask, ask, ask, and then ask some more hold fast if you forget a joke, just say, “some dumb thing” it is ok to end every […]

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Pant Leg Hand Drawn Pillows

So there I was at work when I looked down at my knees. What did I discover? My khakis had thread bare knees! So I did what any crafter would do who is worth her salt, I made them into shorts and the legs into pillows for my deck. Snapped a couple of photos, too. […]

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Free To Be Me Mother’s Day Card

Just a little ditty for a Mom’s Day card with  Free To Be Me Paper Pack Special, Smoothie Striped Washi Tape Pink Glitter Gems Perfect Fit – Mom My Acrylix Stamp Set BTW, this stamp set was in last year’s Idea Book, but is still available. When in doubt about availability, just check my website  […]

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