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Who’s In and Who’s Out

Who’s In the Autumn / Winter 2011 Idea Book: Sophia Mayberry Lucky Fanfare will continue to be available through the end of 2011 Who’s Out of the Autumn / Winter 2011 Idea Book and will only be available through July 31st: Miracle Sweetheart Wings Bliss (stock up now!) By the way, I don’t know that […]

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A Poem, by Mary Gunn FUNN There once was a mule named Brightie. He wore a light reflecting halter all nightie. Then he gained lots of weight. Which sealed his fate. Now Brightie’s whitey is much too tighty. Whites – there is so much I could say, but maybe my limerick has already said enough!   Here […]

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Sweet and Sassy

It is way FUNN to have a sweet and sassy daughter. It is also FUNN to be able to scrapbook her along with her sweet and sassy friends!  Double FUNN is having two sweet and sassy daughters! I am blessed. Celebrate your Sweet and Sassy blessings by copying this scrapbook page to save your memories! […]

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My next-to-be published newspaper article is titled Reds, Whites and Blues. Thought it would be FUNN to post a few samples over the next few weeks featuring these colors. This week, it’s REDS’ turn. This card shows how bossy red can be – it says, “Look at me, dad-gummit!” Feel the warmth of red in […]

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