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Felicity Card

I love birds. I like birds to be happy and full of felicity! That is why my bird Mo has a pet parakeet named Emo. Mo is not a parakeet or even a single keet, however, I suspect Emo is more of a single keet than Mo. If they were both single keets, then they […]

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Winter decided to show up on time this year! This is a shot from our deck to the little woods and lake. I’m looking forward to scrapping our snow pix. This pic just makes me so thankful to be indoors, cozy and warm! While the following quote does not apply to me, my Mom had […]

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Jingle is good stuff. This is the same kit I used for the “Christmas Morning” layout (an earlier blog, see below). Don’t you “flip” over how the B&T paper can flip and be used for a completely different feeling – see the green B&T paper? Flip it and it is a multi-color version of the […]

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Talk about your cozy inviting rooms! Pottery Barn may want to feature this room in their next cattie! Yes, there is a real Welcome Home feel to it. Don’t you think? I love the brick above the fireplace – looks like something I saw in November’s Month. The mantel is lovely, too. A real Cocoa […]

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Thanks for having us in, Sticky Boy. I love your comfy Tulip colored couch! Where in the world did you get those cool Juniper Grosgrain Ribbon pillows, too. They are Creative, Basically speaking. Did they come in a kit? I love how you have so many products that go together, Sticky! Who is that on […]

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Sassy’s Bunker

So in the old house, Miss Sassy had 1/2 of the house to herself – so to speak. She and Prof. Buckley (our beloved dawg) lived in a house divided. Her domain included all the bedrooms and the upstairs. His was the family areas and the basement. It wasn’t quite fair (and my children should […]

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Sticky Boy

Here Sticky Boy and I are with Jeanette Lynton (founder and CEO of Close To My Heart) at Convention several years ago. Looks like Sticky Boy is dressed a little casually for the Leadership dinner. Kathy S. and I had FUNN taking pictures of our Sticky boys that year. She made extra outfits – what […]

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Too good to not share

OK, so I love the new Poster board Alpha set – and I was thrilled to see the new Art and Soul on my website by Close to My Heart features this gem. I added “Christmas Morning” to the FUNN Clubb’s November layout – looks pretty good, huh? OOOO and when you order that Poster […]

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